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Xratedbeauty by ProtanaArchives94

height: (normal) 13.5 meters tall
(Level 1 Special) 47 meters tall
(Level 2 Special) 70 meters tall
(Level 3 Special) 92 meters tall

weight: (normal) 25 tons
(Level 1 Special) 42,000 tons
(Level 2 Special) 75,000 tons
(Level 3 Special) 118,000 tons

Allies: Peckcella and Loli Von Peter, Seanzviewent, Good Mic Work, RadioInfluence, CMPuke101, Bobby Milvae, CMPutin101, Faisal Mandaatha, marty9946, Jared Milton, Mariotehplumber, Frank Tank, Wrestling Jesus, Sherwin Stern, PlayboyofWrestling, and Gorilla Slayer.

Enemies: The BDF Crew, DeathMetalGod306, FightNationWrestling, Willferrellnumberone, Cody Mercer, La Muerte, Will The Inferno, Hakune, Kamara, Gregory Breeding II, Kongma Bobo, George and Harold Bobo, Mitsuko and Jojo Bobo, Captain Gabriel Bobo, Jeffrey Gaggens.

Combat Style: Parasitism, Melee, and Ranged

Moves List: Energy Absorption, Growth, Thagomizer Tail Whip, Leg Drop of Venus, Venusian Flamebreath, Venusian Piledriver.
Kyrella and Jasmine The Scymant Witches of Sarsus by ProtanaArchives94
Kyrella and Jasmine The Scymant Witches of Sarsus
These here are my first Edemia World villain OC's, Kyrella and Jasmine the scymants. They were simply two scymant witches who used to have good nature until they were kicked out of New Sarsus by self-centered wannabes who proclaim themselves as witches. They split out to build themselves a new home in the Sarsus swamps, until they came across strange, predatory animals. Kyrella was mauled by a Two-Toed Rhinobat, whilst Jasmine was devoured by a Pythonagator. The results in these predators is that they morphed into mutant versions of the witches they devoured via black cocoons. They soon admired their new looks and took on the title of The Exalted Witches of Sarsus. They soon revived Queen Alaha and become her acolytes.

Edemia World 
belongs to Lugubre
Kongma Bobo by ProtanaArchives94
Kongma Bobo
Kongma Bobo: Intelligent, Giant Ape

height: 53 meters tall

weight: 36,000 tons

Allies: Gregory Breeding II, The BDF Crew, Kamara, Emperor of the Darkside, Willferrellnumberone, George and Herald Bobo, Mitsuko and Jobo Bobo, Captain Gabriel Bobo, DeathMetalGod306, Crowley The King of Hell, La Muerte, Will The Inferno (Will The Devoured), DarkPunk316 (Cody Mercer), JH TV (Jack Harvey), Jim Funkin, Momma Dunk Funkin, Devin The Demon.

Combat Style: Melee

Moves List: Ape Slap, Gorilla Boot, Double Hand Head Smack, African Uppercut, Serengeti Hook, Tanzanian Punch Frenzy, Double Gorilla Boot, Gorilla (Simian) Leg Drop, Congo Powerbomb.
Jarres suffering his Worst Nightmare by ProtanaArchives94
Jarres suffering his Worst Nightmare
After 2 days of unstuffing Morrica, he went to bed and had a terrifying dream that would soon become true. He saw two scymant witches from the swamps near New Sarsus reviving Queen Alaha from the dead. To amplify the terrifying effect, they used a spell to grow into giantesses, chasing Jarres away and causing havoc among the residents of Edemia. He woke up from the horrible nightmare and a neighbor came over to his house to calm him down after hearing his screams, but his phobia of Alaha still haunts his poor, purple head.

P.S.- There are two oc's that I'll soon add to my gallery. The lime green scymant on the left is named Kyrella and the bizarre brown scymant is named Jasmine. 

Queen Alaha and Edemia World belongs to Lugubre
Matthew Jones by ProtanaArchives94
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones: Alien Primate with Cybernetic Arms

height: 52 meters tall

weight: 42,000 tons

Allies: Peckcella and Loli Von Peter, marty9946, Faisal Maandatha, Seanzviewent, xratedbeauty, Frank Tank, Silver Thumb, Fatback Greasy, PlayboyofWrestling, Jared Milton

Enemies: Kongma Bobo, Devin The Demon, Willferrellnumberone, Leon Calavera, La Muerte, Will the Inferno (and Devoured), 

Combat Style: Melee

Moves List: Machine Chokeslam, Cyber Elbow Drop, Cyber Clothesline, Mechani-Suplex


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Gregory Wayne Breeding II
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
This is Gregory Wayne Breeding II and welcome to my deviantart.

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