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Bytownite's Gemsona stats by ProtanaArchives94
Bytownite's Gemsona stats
This is my first Steven Universe Gemsona.

Bio: In the past, 3,000 years ago, Bytownite was not like the other Homeworld gems, she had a determination to create a faction infamously known as the Gems of the Apocalypse to destroy the Gem Homeworld and exterminate all life from the cosmos when they interfere with their war against the Homeworld Gems. Until recently, by discovering the earth, she felt incredible sympathy for all life on Earth and she becomes one of the Crystal Gems from the west coast of the United States.

Strength- She is shown to display superb strength that is enough to lift a boulder the size of a lion.

Agility- While not too agile, she can anticipate movements behind, or around her.

Willpower- After being on Earth, she lost a large portion of her willpower, but will slowly regain it through friendship.

Social Skills- By residing on Earth, her social skills boosted to above average levels.

Charisma- Strangely, two of the things that is most charismatic are her war strategies and the size of her bountiful hips of a voluptuous woman. Despite of those traits, she can make friends with those who understand the basics of the balance of nature.

Stamina- Despite being of a good runner and thanks to her bulk, she could become exhausted after a 20 minute run.

Creativity- As an incredible architect, she gained support on constructing state of the art cities and colonies on other planets to wage war upon the Gem Homeworld to defend the galaxy from their greed.

Empathy- Taking refuge on Earth's soil, her empathy became more than it was many years ago.

Humor- Ounce she told a joke about gorillas, her comedic nature almost blossomed to that of late comedian, Chris Farley.

Discipline- Her disciplinary skills maybe good when she's in a place with people present, but does tend to become unruly when nobody is around.

Intelligence- Her IQ level is over 160, making her literally a genius level intellect.

Perception- She can even understand somebody facing difficulties, even during wartime.

Luck- She seemed to be at the best of luck when the time is precisely.

Skill/Special- Her double mace is specialized in coiling around her adversaries or shattering them. 

Steven Universe (c) Cartoon Network and Rebecca Sugar.

(Gemsona Stats sheet here:…)
Amarantite's Gemsona stats by ProtanaArchives94
Amarantite's Gemsona stats
Bio: 2,000 years ago, during the feud between the Gem Homeworld and the Gems of the Apocalypse, young and wise Amarantite created a large group of gems known as the Crystalline Nomads and navigated a trillion light years beyond the observable range of the universe, solving ecological crises along the way. Eventually, they came across the planet Earth in November of 1975 where they shielded themselves from the Witch of November. They then became renowned for surviving a disastrous storm that sunk the Edmund Fitzgerald, which occurred in Lake Superior and spread across the other Great Lakes of the North Coast of the United States. This gift from humanity made them create themselves an additional name of "North Coast Crystal Gems".

Strength- She may not be very strong on foot, her leg enhancer transport system doubles her strength.

Agility- Being on foot makes her nimble enough, her transport still adds a little more agility for her in battle.

Confidence- When situations become out of hand, she do anything for her fellow nomads and other beings to defend them.

Willpower- She often makes the best choice possible, even if it benefits all life on Earth.

Social Skills- She is so gentle, caring and social, she is like a motherly figure to her gem friends.

Charisma- Her stunning looks, magnificent prowess, and acrobatic dances make her a good gem to be impressed by. She even knows what is moral and immoral, but gets confused by powerful gems when she is visited by them.

Stamina- Her stamina maybe normal, but her transport increases her mileage whenever the North Coast Crystals Gems are on the chase.

Creativity- Her techniques at building machines has increased gradually ever since they crashed into Ohio, because of the Witch of November. Her storm shelter, high tech weaponry, and leg enhancer transport is a greater example of her creativity.

Empathy- Her peaceful nature makes her a gem to die for.

Humor- Her humor is over the chart when it comes to her falling from her transport or 

Discipline- She hardly becomes unruly at all, but tends to dance around when there is victory. She even accidentally smash a car while dancing.

Intelligence- Her IQ of 186 makes her genius intellect, making her understand the facts of nature itself.

Perception- Whenever she senses failure from her friends, she consuls them, and promises them that there will be another day for their particular plan. She even senses natural disasters like earthquakes, typhoons, tornadoes, blizzards, heat waves, and others.

Luck- As one of the luckiest gems in America, she often creates new friends

Skill/Special- As an efficient craftsman in gem technology, her leg enhancer transport system makes her attributes in combat more efficient than she already is.

P.S.- The orange stars indicate her regular form and the red stars represent her being on her transport.

Steven Universe (c) Cartoon Network and Rebecca Sugar.

(Gemsona Stats sheet here:…


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This is Gregory Wayne Breeding II and welcome to my deviantart.

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