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Travis Kowalski by ProtanaArchives94
Travis Kowalski
This is another of my Monsters University OC's: the colorful, heterochromatic, six-limbed, social, artistic, gentlemanly, graceful Travis Kowalski. As a distant cousin of the Kowalski Sisters from Witchita, Tracey, Stacey, and Kasey, he doesn't like to become involved in arguments and fights when is comes to his friends, even ones that are hard to break up. Despite of that, his dynamic years on scholarship earned him the right to enter Monsters University. There, he joined OH (Omega Howl) with their leader, Manolo Calavera as the duck of the fraternity, but they lost the Don't Scare the Teen challenge along with Argma Slugma Argma. After Graduation in 1987, unlike Manolo Calavera, he worked at Monsters Inc. at Scarefloor K.

Monsters University, Monsters Inc., and the Kowalski Sisters (c) Disney Pixar
Vanessa Clelland before 1988 by ProtanaArchives94
Vanessa Clelland before 1988
This is Vanessa Clelland before her incredible weight gain in 1988 and her EEK uniform during her years at MU.

Monsters University and Monster Inc(c)Disney Pixar
Vanessa Clelland by ProtanaArchives94
Vanessa Clelland
This is another of my Monsters University OC's: the thick, flamboyant, fat loving, melodious, voracious, trustworthy, clever Vanessa Clelland. As part of a descent generation of dragon-esque monsters, she is a distant cousin of George Kingston, except she doesn't have chromatophores in her scales. As a not-so chubby student and EEK (Slugma Slugma Kappa) sister, she is very cooperative with her sisters, but lost at the Hide and Seek challenge along with JOX (Jaws Theta Chi). After graduation in 1987, she celebrated by throwing a huge party with her closest friends, eventually gaining a tremendous amount of weight to 724 pounds. As the result, she worked at the Frightening Cuts hair saloon since 1988 instead of Monsters Inc., thanks to her heavy bottom, but she still retains the ferocity she earned at MU.

Monsters University and Monster Inc(c)Disney Pixar
Karen Carrion by ProtanaArchives94
Karen Carrion
This is another of my Monsters University OC's: the strong, burly, intelligent, but silent, Karen Carrion. From the western shores of Calihornia, She is one of the strongest girls in her neighborhood. She eventually moved to Monstropolis to fulfill her father's career at Monsters University after graduating from her local high school. She entered MU in 1984 and graduated in 1988. She joins EEK (Slugma Slugma Kappa), hoping that it would benefit her ferocity in her future scares. After the Scare Games of 1987, she then worked at Scream Industries until 2008, due to budget cuts.

Monsters University and Monster Inc(c)Disney Pixar
Miranda Caboose Colossus Murphy by ProtanaArchives94
Miranda Caboose Colossus Murphy
This is another of my Monsters University OC's: the voluptious, lovely, enormous, caring, wise, calculating, protective, Miranda "Caboose Colossus" Murphy. As a successful student, she proceeded her future goals for Monsters University as a AEA (Argma Slugma Argma) member. After her graduation in 1969, unlike her niece, Candice Murphy, her growth spurts, especially in the legs and buttocks, happen to become more frequent and greater during her senior year, making her several feet larger than Candace and earning her a prestigious title of a nickname, "Caboose Colossus". As she worked at Monsters Inc. from 1970 to 1990, she lived a prosperous life at the McDowell Estate with Drake McDowell and his friends.

This picture is an inspiration of this pic on the link. protanaarchives94.deviantart.c…

Monsters University and Monster Inc(c)Disney Pixar


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